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Henry County Rotarians donating $500 to the Salvation Army Henry County Rotarians donating $500 to the PHCC Pantry

Merry Christmas from the Henry County Rotary Club! On the left are Jim Beckner (left), Salvation Army Luitenant Bradly Mumford, and David Price. And on the right are Rotary members Jim Beckner, Crystal Caldwell, Jim Rountree and Elva Adams with PHCC representative Christy Tilley.

A couple of weeks ago the club discussed and decided upon our next fundraising project. Our first round of donations equaled $1000 so we decided to split that evenly between PHCC pantry and Salvation Army.  We have now presented our first round of checks to both parties.

Christy Tilley, of PHCC, shared with us that there are 13 international students who are here during the holidays.  Due to financial reasons, along with COVID restrictions, they will not be able to leave and return for Spring semester.  A lot of these students shop at the pantry during the semester and without generous donations such as ours, would go without.

Most of us would normally spend a great deal of money on meals while dining out.  The club continues to challenge each member, and beyond, to make a donation in the amount of monthly meal charges. Just think of the blessing that we can all be if we continue to buy meals but direct them towards those in our community who may have a stronger need. We hope our donations continue to be a BLESSING!

This club meets on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM via ZOOM. We welcome new members! We're a small club but we're MIGHTY!!!

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